The property of Chez Bonnin is set in 1.7 acres on the side of a hill overlooking a wooded valley.  It has a private, sheltered aspect especially from the West and North winds and all three houses face south.
Originally a farm of some means shown by the lovely cornice stones along the front of the farmhouse, each property has it's own mature garden. It stands alone apart from one other converted barn to the west which was originally part of the farm.
Approaching from the North, a lane takes you down towards the gallery and rear of the cottage branching off to the left by a hedge and little formal garden area towards the car park behind the farmhouse and then continues down passed the fruit trees and swimming pool around to the courtyard area and garden of the farmhouse. Here there is a lawn with a beautiful Indian Bean tree giving shade and a flower garden around the terrace. A drive continues on to curve around to the barn car park below, passing by an enormous Linden tree, willow and apple trees set in a grassed area next to fields and opposite an oak wood. Both swimming pools have there own small enclosed gardens. One planted with Mediterranean plants, rosemary, lavender, olive and cypress trees.  The other with flowering hardy hibiscus, oleanders and honeysuckle.
It is surrounded by fields with a view over the woods from the farmhouse and cottage and stunning views from the barn balcony, east down the valley and the morning light and west to the vines on the hill and the sunset. The fields close by are normally grass and cut for hay. There is a possibly to buy more land if required. The fields surrounding are planted with an ever-changing variety of wheat, barley, sunflowers and maize. The countryside is gently rolling with wooded hills and quiet lanes. Lots of cross country paths for cycling and walking and dotted with small villages with Roman tiled roofs, Romanesque churches, village schools and community halls.  There is a feeling of space under the ever-changing enormous Charentais sky, particularly spectacular at night with no light pollution.

The market town of Chalais is a 2 minute drive or 15 minute walk with all commerces, train station, leisure activities and the impressive Ch√Ęteau Talleyrand.

master bedroom